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Our quality brands benefit from all our know-how :


Porc Armorique

Porc Armorique

Abera offers you CCP (Certified Product Compliance) products that meet the requirements of a standard controlled by an independent third party organisation. This branch aims to ensure both total genetic traceability up to delivery to the customer, as well as implementing a policy focused on meat quality.

To find out more: http://www.sanders.fr/porc/porc-aval.htm



Bleu Blanc Cœur


Abera offers you products produced from pigs fed with a linseed-based diet, which confers a nutritional quality on the meat that is differentiated by its omega-3 content.

To find out morehttp://www.bleu-blanc-coeur.org/



La Viande Française

Le Porc Français

Abera offers you products from pigs of guaranteed origin; born, raised and slaughtered according to transparent specifications that are accessible to all.

To find out more:  http://www.leporc.com/


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